Welcome to the B.F. & Rose H. Perkins Foundation.

The Foundation welcomes qualifying graduates and residents of Sheridan County High Schools to apply for educational loans or medical expenses.

To be eligible for educational loans the student must be a Sheridan County High School graduate under the age of 21, with one year minimum residency and a minimum 2.5 grade point average. The student's financial need is based on supporting documents, the family’s last tax return.

Medical assistance is available to children ages 1 to 20 that reside in Sheridan County for minimum of one year and show a financial need based on the family's last year’s tax return.

Please find specific guidelines and applications to apply for either program on the respective pages of this website.

Our Mission

B.F. & Rose H. Perkins Foundation was designed to help young people in Sheridan County realize their goals through good health and higher education.


From its small beginnings in 1943 the Perkins' Trust has grown into a multi-million dollar Foundation, a ladder built by trusted and qualified people whose work and dedication has and will continue to help all eligible Sheridan County youth reach their goals. For more information on our history please visit our About Us page.